87' CR250 worth $400?


I just looked at an 87' CR250 and boy does it need some TLC. The motor won't turn over, the guy says he had replaced the top end and feels that he didn't get the power valve sorted, so he quit messing with it. The bike looks to be complete, the plastics look 20 yewars old, the saet and tank looks good, the motor needs mucho cleaning. Rusty nuts and bolts.. He said that there are some issues with the water pump when he had it apart.. Besides that the suspension and brakes work, the wheels are straight, the frame needs to be painted..

Is this worth the trouble? I'm thinking about offering him $200. I'm in the middle of a 86' CR500 restore, maybe some of the 25 parts can be used on the 500?? Are parts for the 250 still available anywhere?

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