Ice House OHV trails?

we were up at Ice House reservoir Sunday and saw an OHV trail sign while driving up ICE house road FS 3

are there Mostly 4x4 jeep trails up there?

Ice House reservoir is beautiful, kayaking at its best this weekend



I haven't spent much time off road up there in years, I used to hunt up there, but pretty much everything legal that I remember would be Jeep type stuff.

Loon Lake is another great place for the Kayaks. A ways further up Ice House Road, and bigger than Ice House Reservoir. Union Valley Reservoir is in between the two, but I never much liked it when I had a ski boat so I have never paddled there.


There are a few trails up there but nothing in the single track family. The ohv that the sign refered to was most likely the rubicon. Besides that there are just some old dead end dirt roads that still have the ohv title.

If you are into poaching there is a nice single track train up by robs resort that drops you down to the middle north fork of the american and it comes out at hell hole.

I saw this out at Ice House


Bob, next time up that way take the Cheese Camp Road, 12N68. There will be a gate down right at the road that should be open. Go in to the second gate and stage there. You will have to back up your truck to that gate and unload so that your bike is on the other side of the gate, but don't worry. There are no posted signs you can't ride. Some jackass up there has some private property and got the forest service to slap a lock on an old gate left by a logging company decades ago, but it's not enforceable. The gate is in such poor condition, bent all up, that you could possibly just ride over it if you can pop your front wheel up just right. Right after you get past the gate, you come to a creek. Cross it and head to the left through the slash pile. A trail heads up from there. Lots of stuff to explore up there around 4 cornered peak, then head up to Slick Rock, Moratini Flat and eventually out on to the 2 Peaks Trail. You will come upon still another gate stating that the other side is private property. It isn't. How people are able to put up gates, locks and signs on USFS land is beyond me. I've ridden there several times without mishap. There's a lake up there somewhere too. If you are careful, you will find the Red Peak Stock Trail. Look for the Barret Lake trail and eventually you will come out at Wright's Lake. If you have a dual sport, head back down the paved road until you get to a turn-off to Alpha Peak. It's a gated road, again, but not posted in any way. It's a private gate on USFS land left over from the old range cattle days. The lock on it is a USGS (United States Geological Society or Survey). Up that way, there are several old cattle trails to take. Eventually you will be looking down on Kyburz. If you keep poking around, you will come out on the original pony express trail that parallel's Hwy 50. Good Luck!

I have a buddy that lives in kyburz and we have cleared a lot of the pony express trail and riden it. we had the stretch from fresh pond to just past kyburz clear last year.

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