How long to get Fit ?

If you are in reasonable shape, how long would it take to get really super fit? 2 months, 3,4?

It took me 3 months of proper diet coupled with a "cardio free" workout (dumbells, pushups, situps, lunges). The workout it self raised my HR enough to burn 5-600 cal/hr. Then I followed that up with 13 weeks of P90X and bike riding about 10-12 miles per day. I wasn't a Lance Armstrong but I could do 3 - 20 minute motos or 5 hrs in the woods or 10 miles per day chasing elk in the mountains at 8500 feet after the above training. A younger guy do it in less time for sure but the biggest thing is to commit and stay committed to your goals throughout your training.

I was pissed that I could only do 2 to 3 laps full out so I started at the Y in Feb. 5 days a week, every morning 30-45 min stationary bike, free weights (hi-rep, med weight) working chest/tri's/shoulders one day, back/bi's/legs the next.

Around March I noticed that I could ride much longer, by April my fittness was well beyond my skill. I could ride as hard as I wanted for as long as I wanted and I got much faster. The problem now is that I can ride forever but I tend to push it way more than I used in order to exert myself.

That resulted in a crash 2 weeks ago but I walked away with just a sprained shoulder. But riding in better shape is way more fun than before.

I went from good shape to phenomenal shape in 3.5 weeks. Approx 5hrs per day pt, dry land and water. Runs M,W,F along with swimming 1500meters, crawl stroke only. Lots of carbs, and hydroxycut (the good one with ephedra) and lots of water. The best part was I got paid to do this :worthy:

In the real world now a days, I would say 3 months. That is 1.5hrs a day, 3 days a week. You have to allow for proper stretching also, and don't start out every session with a balls to the wall attitude. Warmup and cool down.

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