American Outdoor Coverage.. sad


Why can't we get coverage of outdoor events like the MXGP coverage in Europe. Everything about their coverage is better plus they put the replays up on freecaster. You get both motos from both classes (MX1 & MX2) plus the women and MX3. Then there are the pre race and post race shows with rider and team interviews plus a team focus section about a certain team each event. They even take the time to do a couple of minutes on the region where the event is hosted.

It's hours and hours of coverage of all classes and plus they always have various riders in the both with the announcer from the different classes. It's a much better look at the sport for sure. Also, nothing against Erin Bates, but their pit reporter seems to be knowledgeable about motocross and much less rehearsed... which is more than likely a producer problem and no fault of Erin's.

Those super hilly European tracks (France comes to mind) look fun too. OK... I'm done venting.


Hopefully the American coverage will get better. At least we are getting one of the motos same day coverage

There is so damn much NASCAR coverage. I can kinda get the coverage of the Sprint Cup series, for some reason it is mega popular. But the live coverage of all the other series is what I don't get plus all the late model crap. I can even see RC race trucks live... c'mon

I wish we got the euro coverage of MotoGP, the speed coverage of both MotoGP and WSBK are boring. Basically just show the race and that's it

I subscribe to the MotoGP website in order to get the European race footage and interviews. It's very good. If there was a pay site for US motocross I would pay as well just to get coverage of all the events.


i need to move my router into my living room so I can hard wire my internet into my laptop so I dont get the lag that I get with other HD streaming when plugged into my big screen.

Right now the Allisports web cast lags every once in a while over wi-fi and that is far from HD

I wish we got the euro coverage of MotoGP, the speed coverage of both MotoGP and WSBK are boring. Basically just show the race and that's it

I went to Phillip Island last year for the MotoGP. On Saturday they had all of the qualifying on TV live - I watched it in my condo in Melbourne. Awesome! In case you did not know, Speed is going to televise the Laguna Seca qualifying this Saturday. I will miss it because my friends in Santa Cruz don't have TV, but we're riding our Supermotos to the track on Sunday. Awesome!

I think the euro announcers for MotoGP on Speed are excellent. The SBK guy screams like at 12-year-old girl and I have to mute for the last 2 laps. Unfortunately, the Sheheen/Schwantz/White team that we get for LagunaSeca and Indianappolis is awful.

Anyone know where Bailey was for Thunder Valley? For a boring race like that we really need him to tell stories.

If Davey Coombs is reading this, please make the 250s the premier class for the rest of the year!

The replays on freecaster is perfect when youre out riding yourself unable to catch the live event.

The announcer is great too, he understands that the audience probably knows more about the sport then he does, so he covers whats going on at the track instead of being some kind of analytic mr know-it-all that misses all the action trying to explain how to ride a dirt bike.

Next week I'll be at the GP of Uddevalla myself tho, Im so pumped!

Edit: I think it great that allisports broadcast first moto tho, that way i can watch it live and dl moto2 after Slicknick done his magic :worthy:

Im a bit too curious not to listen to the audio of moto2 on allisports tho..

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