Easy to install/remove handguards?

Have a 2008 RMZ450...did my first bit of real woods riding this weekend and my hands hate me for it...no hand guards. What would you guys recommend for easy to install temporary guards for rocks/trees that I can slap on for the few times a year I will venture out into the woods?

Don't really want to spend a lot either.

dont buy cheep plastic hand gaurds. Spend the money and get a set of cycra hand gaurds they come off farily easy and are imposible to bend.

Or Moose and make sure they are full wraparounds.

I've had good luck with the Acerbis Pros.

I got cycra probends and really like them, a little more $ than some others but they're worth it. I like the bend on the side how it drops down it seems like should you need to it's easier to get your hands off the bars without getting hung up.

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