Health Care Fix...

Dr Mark.

If President Obama came to you tomorrow and said Dr Mark ,I want you to correct the problems we have in our health care system,and you can do what ever is necessaryto accomplish this. What would your health care system look like?


Well the private insurance companies are pocketing most of the premium money, and many folks who can afford insurance dont buy it, because they would rather get the nice rims on their new truck.

Let the govenment take it over lke in Canada. Everyone will have basic coverage with money taken out of their paycheck. The poor will get it for free as they do all ready. The greedy insurance CEOs will have to live on their retained billions.

This year, I have done 120 operations and have paid all my bills, but have earned no money. Now I am not crying because I have money put aside from earlier in life, but I sure wouldn't do any worse in the Canadian system, nor would my patients.

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