hand cramps up

what do you guys do to stop your hands from cramping up?

i already know to hold on with my knees and im working on that, i only been out 4 times on this bike after taking close to 3 yrs off from riding. but anyway, it gets to the point where i can barely hold onto the bars. even the day after my hands are cramping bad. what do you guys use to solve this problem?

That carbon fiber bar will absorb alotta of the that shock if you got the money!

Just more riding...Only 4 times out, you're just waking up old muscles that haven't been used in 3yrs...

Learn that you really don't need to hold on very tight...

Try using your middle finger for clutch and brake instead of index...

Rubber mount tripple clamps, steering damper...

Take vitamins and a light anti-inflammatory 30mins before riding, another light dose anti-inflammatory after riding, lot's of fluids...

And I actually do use one of these, although not often, got it for rehab of a wrist injury...Go ahead and chuckle, it helped my right hand catch up with the left, hahaha!


I get cramps every time i go riding. We always have to leave early because of my hand being demolished. I have enough physical endurance to keep on going but the most my hand can go without cramping is like 4 hours of riding. I started doing hand exercise, and its always the right hand that cramps up.

see for me its my left hand that cramps, my right doesnt even get stiff.

like my fingers get very very stiff and hurt pretty bad. i rode yesterday and my fingers are still hurting today. doesnt patassium help this problem? i was thinking of trying some patassium supplements


which contain potassium...

take some time and adjust your levers so they are comfortable for you while your in the riding position. it may seem simplistic but it made a huge difference for me. no more hand cramping, no more numbness. i had to move my levers up, before i think i was straining my fingers to get the levers, and that was making my hands cramp.

Try using some hand exercisers like a gripmaster. Also I've heard eating a banana beforehand helps. These are just things other than the obvious- go ride more.

ill try moving my levers around

hey redbull....i see your from MD. where do you ride at? maybe we can ride sometime

More mastrubation......Just alternate hands

Sometimes my Right hand gets so cramped it locks into a claw! Hurts like hell! I'll have to try the bananas trick.

More mastrubation......Just alternate hands

That's cheating!

More mastrubation......Just alternate hands

:worthy: Its an exercise that benefits you in may ways....

ill try moving my levers around

hey redbull....i see your from MD. where do you ride at? maybe we can ride sometime

I'm from bethesda and I ride at the landing. What about you?

More mastrubation......Just alternate hands

haha, yeah but then you run into another problem, protein deficiency and hairy palms. Ohh and im pretty sure monsters come and kill you when you're sleeping....ahhh the joys of catholic school. :worthy:

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