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2001 RM250 Jetting help

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Live in the SOcal area ....Huntington beach to be exact but ride out in the Inland Empire and my question is, I have a (presumably) stock jetted 01 RM250 I have now put a PC platinum pipe and a shorty silencer and I was checking to see if anyone on here had and jetting specs for the bike and area that will make it BARK it runs ok now but I think the jetting could be cleaned up a little bit more..I know MXA has good specs but I don't know how to get in touch with them to ask

Elevation...... 1000-3000feet

Temp.... +/- or aroung the 80 degree mark

Stock jetting

Any help is appreciated...

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I bought a 1999 rm 250 recently. I havent ever jetted a carb but looked into it.

Jetting specs from:


And when i get around to doing it myself i will follow this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=412662 very closely. Excellent walk through on jetting on your own for the newbie like me. Detailed explanation of what each of the throttle ranges are and how they are controlled.

Anyway not an answer to your question exactly but it looked like an excellent place to start.

MXA settings on that bike

mainjet stock

pilotjet stock

powerjet from 45 to 50

needle stock

clip from 3rd to 2nd

stock airscrew

stock slide


your right the climate does sound similar

check out my bike.


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That was an epic video! Nice work

As for my bike it's not necessairly doing anything wrong but MXA usually has some special jetting specs that most don't have access since the do nothing but test and refine what comes from the factory. The only thing my bike seems to be doing is revving out really quick almost surging but this is my 1st suzuki so from what i've been reading they come with a really light flywheel and rev out (peak) very early I just wanted to see if there was anyhting I havent thought of ............Thanks

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