Help with SM conversion (250 sx-f)

hey dudes....:lol:

since its now summer...i decided to pull out my SM conversion stuff that i neglected over the winter..and see what needs to be done....then i came along a problem....the street rims i have(1995 CBR F3) have tiny bearings...the outer race (front wheel) is way smaller than my stock KTM front bearings...

im trying to make it so that i can use my stock front axle with the SM front rim...but the axle as way too big for the bearings...

so i need custom bearings (i think) to fit the outer race of a CBR f3 front rim...and the inner of a 2006 KTM 250sx-f front axle...i emailed pivot works a couple months ago and they said they dont have anything like that...

is there anything easier that i can do to make it fit right?

thanks :worthy::lol:


try a machine shop? idk if they could make somehting like that or not

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