hole in generator cover

i had a little crash over the weekend, rocky up hill, lost traction and the

bike went over on the left side. i got up the bike was still running so i made my way to the truck, prob 1/4 mile. Got back to the truck, looked it over, at a glance looked ok. i was getting ready to go out again and noticed the ground had wet spots under the case, looked again and there was a scrape that put a pin hole in the generator cover, Day over. i went home leaned the bike over to the right to avoid dripping, so i could clean the area. Cleaned the cover and used "mighty Putty" to seal the wound, worked great. Any body else out there using Mighty Putty, and for what applications? (bike related)

I've used JB weld to fix a few wounds. You need the high temp stuff though as the normal stuff is close to the max temp of 250ish..

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