1987 Sp200h

Hey guys I just picked up a nice 87' SP200H with 17k miles for $800 bucks runs flawlessly and no smoke at all, I did the airbox lid mod, put a nice NGK plug in it, but i cant find any other parts for it ( Pipe, Jet kit, etc...) anyone know where i can find these ??? or what pipes / jet kits will work ???

THANKS , Dale:thumbsup:

Even 20 years ago there wasn't much aftermarket stuff available for the SP200. As far as performance parts go I think you are on your own. Some DR200 items may fit but then again there isn't much out there for the DR200 either.

Well i've "heard" you can put a "bigger" main jet or something in the carb it has is the mikuni BST32 FLATSIDE PUMPER....as far as the exhaust as long as it bolts up to the headpipe i can weld/fab the rest.... come on now i know someone has put a jetkit/slipon a SP200H :worthy:

In your other post you said that your SP200 could go 100mph. I can't imagine milking much more out of a 4 stroke 200cc engine then that. Good luck.

Well, considering everything is BONE STOCK except for the 6 holes i drilled in the top of the airbox and the sprocket combo im pretty sure a jet kit and a pipe and bigger headpipe (if possible) couldnt slow it down anymore.... and as far as the 100MPH i wasnt paying attention if it was downhill or not and it was PINNED out and i mean WOT :worthy:

Dude, jets are jets. Take you're main jet to a motorcycle shop and see if they have one a bit larger. Just because it's an odd bike model, does'nt make the carb jets unique. They are very standard. Then just reposition youre needle clip to the correct position and you're re-jetted.

Ok thanks... as far as the correct position what would that be, jut one notch up or down ?:worthy:

And anyone know of a pipe that fit these ?

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