2000 Rm250 Big Bore Help!!!

Hey guys I am in desperate need of some advice. My bike has been down for a while like 5 months now and honestly I cant bear to look at it just sitting there anymore. I had my piston chip and scar the cylinder but its not even a 16th of a inch so I was thinking a oversize piston 68.5 mm and a bore would be a good cheap fix. I just dont know what kind of modifacations I would have to make to accomadate the larger bore maybe new jets,reeds, and also and also any overheating issues. Also I looked would that be a 265 or bigger? Guys thanks alot for your help.

You have to change your exhaust/powervalves clearances and portings, too.

You can't just go and overbore your cylinder. It is plated. The esiest way to fix it is to send it out for a re-plate, stock size bore.

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