chain slider probs

Hi guys ive got a 2000 wr 250, the problem i have is the rear top top bolt of the chain slider keeps getting chewed up. i keep the chain at the correct tension has much as possible. Does anyone have any ideas on this to cure it and stop it happening again. Also ive got hold of a 06 stock 250 exhaust and my local dealer reckons that there is a catalitic converter in it, does anyone know for sure without cutting the pipe up..

Come on guys someone must have some input

Come on guys someone must have some input

You should be able to see the restrictor in the expansion chamber when looking down the headpipe. If nothing there there is nothing there.

Make sure the countershaft sprocket is installed the right way round so the chain runs outermost from the crankcase area.

Hope this helps

I looked at my 2002 cr250 today. The bolt that is in line with the chain is recessed in a cup. I don't think my chain could chew it up. The other bolt is offset from the chain so something would def. have to be out of line for this one to get chewed up. I lost a bolt and cup, but my husky dealer had what I needed. Maybe it is the wrong hardware on yours. Maybe you could post up some photos?

just my $.02


thanks guys ill try and get some pics up on saturday when you will see what i mean.

Make sure the countershaft sprocket is not on backwards.

I believe the raised lip goes toward the motor.

Make sure the countershaft sprocket is not on backwards.

I believe the raised lip goes toward the motor.

Actually i'm a little confused now about this maybe some more experienced husky dudes can enlighten me here but i'm just fitting up a new Talon sprocket front and rear and the 'Talon' logo and model #/13T engraving etc is on the 'lip' side.

Just thinking they would want this facing outwards but the chain lines up better with the rear sprocket (visually anyway) with the engraving/lip on the inside?

Which puts the countershaft sprocket in the outermost position.

And the chain grooves i have on the slider show the chain heading away from the centre of the slider inwards?

So maybe i had the 15t i changed a while back the wrong way round?

to be honest ive tried both ways with the front sprocket and it doesn't seem to make any odds

My 2000 WR250 front sprocket is on with the lip towards the outside.

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