Sat night our shop was broken into and two motorcycles stolen...A wr-250 and an XR-250. The xr has a DSC street conversion kit and smokes a lot. The WR has the air box removed and a straight k&n filter instead....If anyone in the thumper comunity sees or hears of anything resembling ythese descriptions please contact "angus" or call 402 723 5295 Located in the midwest..........


Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Could you be more specific as to the descriptions of bikes? Such as VIN # ?


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Sorry to hear, Angus. A friend recently had a similar experience. It makes you furious and sad and ready to box all at the same time. Hope they find the dirtbags that did it and string 'em up by a sensitive body part.


Yea what hurts is I found out today that insurance does not want to cover them. They say they are only covered if they are titled and licensed. Well we all know what a task that is to perform....

Honda xr250 vin....JH2me0807yk500624

Yamaha Wr250 vin....JYA cg11w32a007132


Cost's me $128. per bike per year through Progressive, for Comp, Libility, and theft on my WR and YZ.

Bonzai :)

Ditto Kaze!!

And you can stay down by the track w/o worry of your bikes being stolen in the pit..........

Just don't tell them you race.

Just mount an empty gun scabbard with a sticker that reads "I DON'T DIAL 911" on it. See how brave those weenies are! :)

Shoot straight. Less paperwork. :D

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