new to me (used) 06 yfz - ditching dynojet kit - baseline settings?

Bike: 2006 Yamaha YFZ450. Bought the bike a few weeks ago, spun rod bearing after 2 hours, have 4 hours on the rebuild, seems pretty rich.

Location: MN, 1000-1500 ft above sea level, somewhat humid, avg. 80* F, trail riding

Mods: Fresh rebuild with WR450f crank & piston (12.5:1 - trying to run BP 93, but sometimes end up with random 91 non-oxy), cam mod (exhaust retarded one tooth), K&N filter with some sort of plain-jane aluminum intake pipe fitted between it and carb, no air box lid, stock pipe with spark arrestor removed.

I ordered a bunch of OE jets (160-180 mains, 42-48 pilots, and a 35 leak to try in combo with the zip-tie/o-ring accelerator pump mod) and the NCVQ needle, so that I can dump the entire Dynojet kit the previous owner has in (using the Dynojet 165 main - ~ 180 in keihin terms).

Looking for a starting point that's maybe just on the rich side so I can go from there. Thinking maybe 168 main, 45 pilot, 4th clip? But this is a random guess based on what I've been reading, since this is my first time jetting anything ever.

morning bump for a fast moving forum. Leaving tomorrow night for the lake with the quad, any recommendations for initial jetting?

is start with stock jetting but with main jet larger than stock for the filter set up.

So I stuck a 45 pilot and a 165 main in and the NCVQ needle on pos. 4, and put the fuel screw at 2 turns out. It certainly pulled harder and was smoother through transition areas, but I think I may be still a tad rich in spots.

For one, I still have to crack the throttle to get the quad to fire upon starting. Every once in a while when its warm it will fire right away, but usually I have to give it just a tad of throttle.

Also, from idle to 1/8 is a little sluggish through the rpm's, and I get the slightest (barely audible) sort of gurgling through the exhuast on decel. in gear.

From 1/8-1/2 throttle, its fairly good, but still a hair sluggish - at least compared to anything past 1/2 throttle which pulls like a bat out of hell (4th is almost scary fast).

I definitely plan to try my needle at pos. 3. The rich idle condition I'm not sure if its my pilot or my fuel screw, and I didn't play with it much since it was a pita to turn the carb just to get to the fuel screw - shoulda bought a better one.

I wonder how a 162 main would feel, too, but I'd like to dial in the idle to 1/2 area better first.

Now if I could just keep all the damned bolts from falling out when I ride.

does the idle react to the fuel screw properly?

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