Just ordered a recluse any tips 09 kxf450

I have always thought I was a good clutcher but I am hoping this recluse will make me a faster woods rider and works ok for motocross as well. I am a mid pack vet expert moto and cross country racer. Any set up or riding technique advice.

I am similar skill level to you. I'll tell you, it takes a little while to train yourself to NOT grab the clutch all the time and trust that when you hit the throttle the motor will respond.

Make sure the installed gap checks out with the supplied gauge. CRITICAL! I blew it off and wasted a year of riding thinking the clutch didnt work, I just had it in wrong. The instructions are very clear, just follow them. Its not hard to put in if you read the instructions (like I did the second time)

If you race moto, I recommend you use the high rpm setup. I have all 30 balls in the clutch, and have the two stiffest springs provided in there and it still begins to hook up just off idle.

Oh yeah..the idle. If you adjust the idle up, it won't freewheel as much. If you run a low idle, it will "coast" into turns and down hills. When I race moto it was too distracting, so I just turned the idle up until it stopped. it didn't take much.

It may take some time trying the various settings to find the one you like. Once I got it dialed, it is the best mod ever, except maybe good suspension. Really great on the 09 EFI motor. Good luck!

KS ,with the gap check, when it was wrong, what was the result? Too much slip? Irregular grab? I've done maybe 60 hrs on mine and 118 hrs on the fiber plates in total, and it still feels like new, but I'm curious what I will feel once the plates are worn.

Bones150, Keen to learn what you think about this after your install: At idle when I move my ear over the right side of my engine, I do hear some noise from under the rekluse pro clutch cover which sounds like worn bearings, but I've no idea if that's abnormal or not because I never really checked this when new and it's only heard up pretty close with ear almost on it. If I up the revs, I cannot tell if the sound still exits because other noises over power my senses. On the left side, my crank bottom end seems totally silent and the valve train sounds loud/normal, but the right side clutch has the "rattly" sound. Oil level is always right.

This clutch is really good on the 06 motor with the low RPM grab. I setup for low rpm auto slip from day one, because I figured it'd be a complete waste of the 06 engine to not use a low RPM grab/slip setup. I've never felt any desire to change it. I mean Kawi engineers go to so much effort to broaden the torque spread, so why let a clutch always slip for a good portion of that?

I know you guys have 09s but, KS I'm surprised you like the high RPM grab. If you had some 250F with poor low rpm torque I'd understand totally. I like the clutch to slip when I lug the engine, then to quickly (single soft spring) but smoothly (27 balls) engage and there after not slip. The 09 probably has a heavier flywheel mass, so the hard (30 ball) grab is probably the go. But I'm curious why guys dont always use the low RPM setup with an KX450F engine, since they all have to have beefy low rev output.

Engine braking: With a low rpm auto slip, I still get normal feel with throttle roll-off. However when if click down a gear in low revs I dont feel a sudden decel and engine spin up. It happens but it's a lot smoother. It seems/feels really good in terms of low transmission wear.

OK I tried the new clutch and it was good but I think I will try some different set ups. I rode the mx track and we added about 5 minutes of knarly first gear log infested single track loop with the moto track. I have the recemended seting medium engagement and soft engagement rate 27 balls. It actually felt like normal besides not having to pull clutch in. I thought it would mellow out the beast alittle but it was still knarly when the clutch engaged. I would like it a little tamer but still loft the front tire easily with a jab of the throttle.Do you guys run a gear higher than normal or same gear as usual.

If you run lower gears and sit the revs above the slip range, you wont feel the rekluse doing anything.

But at low revs in 1st, the auto clutch should take much of the jerky feel out of the bike while your left fingers are on the grip. If you dial the throttle open, the thing still hits pretty hard since the rear knobs generally get a chance to hook up and soon after the clutch is fully grabbing.

Could you hear any new noise from the clutch cover area at idle after you installed it?

I did not notice any abnormal noises but did not really listen closely. Who is running the low engagement and soft engagement rate.I don't have much time to test but that was the next set up I was going to try. Cross country race this weekend.

Numroe, I hear noises too. Mostly they are in my head but the doctor says keep taking the pink pills and they will go away...

Seroiusly though, I hear some noise out of the rekluse clutch. Seems to be the same as when I put the clutch in the first time.

When my installed gap was off, the clutch never hooked up 100%, it always slipped a little.

I tried the lower RPM setups and my bike would creep at idle, so I just kept putting higher RPM springs in until it didn't creep anymore. I like my idle a little higher than most. Also, we have soft dirt up here, so a little more rev before you get it to hook up helps. I rode the 09 back to back with the 07 and I'd say the 07 has more bottom end, so maybe thats why I prefer it set up that way. It feels perfect to me for the 09 with the high rpm setting. I had that clutch in the 07 and used the mid setting and that was good for that machine.

I never have tried the 27 ball setup. I'll try that this week and see how it works.

The only thing that you will have to do once you install the thing, is to try and wipe the smile off your face. You will also have to worry about becoming a jerk, and laughing at your friends when they stall on things that you easily make it over.

Tried the soft soft settings today and liked it better in the tecnical sections as it tamed the monster 450 some and seemed to glide over the nasty logs better. I lost abit of instant aceleration wich was a trade off for tractability. I liked the medium soft setting better for the mx track but the soft soft was not bad there etheir. Hope this setting won't wear my plates to quickly know.

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