Anyone interested in bar risers for their 08TE?

I couldn't locate any so I made my own and a few extra. I made them exactly 1" taller than stock. They fit perfect and I would be selling them with the bolts. If you wanted them even taller you could put the stockers on top of them but you would need longer bolts. At 1" it's pretty much the max you can go without modding the throttle cable routing. Here are some pics on my 08 TE250. I'm pretty sure that they should fit all 08 and 09 TE's but not positive. However I am positive they fit a 08 TE 250.

I'm not sure what to charge for them. Considering stockers run in the $20-$30 range without bolts and these are more than double the material. I'd have to guess with bolts I'd need to get $35.00 a set plus $5 shipping.

If your interested please IM me and I'll provide you with contact info.



It looks like you did a nice job with them. I am 6'2" but am fine with my bar height with my motosportz dampener installed. If I did want to bring them up, I'd only want to bring them up and forward so they'd essentially come up and not back. Good luck!

That's cool and thanks. We have a cnc lathe at work so to make them was no big deal I just had to put in the effort. I'm just over 6' and the stock height was a little low for me while standing. I put them on and flipped the handlebar doodad's around to move them forward a bit. Overall they are about the same position as stock now just 1" taller which works out great for me.

Just what I was looking for.

PM sent.

PM Sent. If you didnt get it, please email

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