New Mexico bike title question...any help for a Nor'easter?

I am looking at a used dual sport with a NM title. I called our Dept of Motor Vehicles to see if I need the title notarized and they said that IF it has a space for it, it needs it. If not, then no. It's the same old story where the seller bought the bike and had the title signed by the seller, but never bothered to register it and now they want to sign it over to the next buyer.

The bike is not really close by, so I'm trying to get it figured out before I travel. I have the seller checking, but would like confirmation if I can get it.

Can anyone take a look at their street bike or DS title and see if it needs to be notarized upon transferring ownership?



If it is a NM title then it should be easier. I did have to get a notary when the the seller signed a title in the wrong place.

Recently I have had a problem with out of state MSO that was never registered but I think it is due to it being out of state.

Go to MVD Express, they seem to have it down better than the state offices.

Good luck!

New mexico titles don't need a notary to transfer them.just a signature on the back. You should get a bill of sale from the guy you deal with

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