Questions about 2008 KTM 250 XCF-W

I am thinking about buying a 2008 KTM 250 XCF-W and I have some questions about it.

1) I mostly do trails and single track and occasionally some tracks. Is this bike good for that kind of riding?

2) How is the low end power?

3) If I buy one I am thinking about boring it out to a 320 or a 350. Does the bore kit make a big difference in the power?

4) Does the bike have a lot of maintenance problems?

OK we are in Colorado where power gets sucked out as you go higher...

1) Perfect, we have the same bike (07) and this is what we do, no complaints, the bike does much better on the track than I expected.

2) Lots, my son (19) rides it and I have yet to dust him anywhere, he has climbed everything around here to 13,500 feet and has great low end power

3) Matter of opinion, ride it for a while first then decide, not sure why I personally would do this, been out in the desert doing 75+ and the kid is right there all the time

4) Change oil, clean filter, change tires, check valves once and while...repeat and ride...repeat and ride....etc. No issues.

I don think a lot of folks really get how fast 65-75+ is on dirt or desert, a get off and it aint fun.....believe me.

It is a great bike and we have debated on a 300 or 450 for him and really cant justify it. Handles great, lighter than a 450, what else do you need, but it is all a personal decision.

I have the exact bike that you question. It's great on any terrain. Tune the suspension for your personal tastes. The bottom end is soft. If you bore it - should be no problem. No maintenence issues or repairs as of yet and I don't expect any. KTM builds a solid machine.

I own a 2008 KTM XCFW and I think it's a great bike.

1. Great bike for tight technical trails, it will do work fine on track days just not what is was designed for.

2. A little soft on the bottom end but that can be fixed with different gearing or pipe.

3. I recall the most popular big bore kit for the 250 XCFW is the 280 kit. 320 or 350 would take extensive and $$$ for that kind of motor mods.

4. No maintenance problems as long as you change the oil often. I change my oil every 3 rides and replace the oil filter every other oil change. The bike comes lean from the factory so you will have to do a little jetting to get the bike to run right.

Overall a great bike, you won't be disappointed.

The HT Racing 350 provides an unbelievable increase in torque and HP, and allows the engine to be geared much higher and still easily pull the wide ratio 'W' gear ratios with ease.

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