'08 KTM Headlight alternative?

Hi Guys, anyone have experience with alternative/after market headlights for '08/'09 KTMs? The KTM OEM ones are rather dear and considering I don't ride in the dark (extremely rare) it's purely a cosmetic cover.

My biggest concern is space constraints in that area with respect to the back of the headlight and wires/headstem, as well as the 2 prongs that protrude from the mudguard to steady the OEM one. From my browsing I found the Polisport ones look like a closer style to the OEM ones.


cyclops motorsports has thread on KTM Talk website that has an offer on UFO headlights for sale for about 40 bucks. I bought one. They only have a couple left at that price...one orange, and two black ones.

If that's what you're looking for, that's a pretty good price.


Thanks for the replies.

I'll email PMXTec and see if they ship here to OZ.

These UFO ones, which model headlight are they? KTMTalk is still down...

Check the thread re Pics of 300’s for some ideas.

One of the most recent pics shows a Trail Tech X2 light. I just got one on my 300 last week. I did not get the HID version. I run a helmet light also so I decided the halogen version would work. They are local for me but I am sure you could contact them and get one shipped out.

When I ordered mine I specified it was for a KTM and the plug matched up to the stock wiring harness connector. Install time was less than a minute.


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