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MSR Aluminum Space Saver Folding Ramp Width.

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I'm looking at the specific ramp below:




I need to know how wide it is. If anyone has one they could measure

for me, I'd really appreciate it.

I have to get one which doubles as a loading ramp for our old dog.

He is having trouble walking now (aren't we all, eh?) and can't get

up into our truck. He balks and whines when we try to help him,

so I think a ramp is a good solution... and I need one for my son's

PW80 now anyways.

It can't have a lot of space between the rungs, and needs to be

somewhat wide. I also found a six foot one on eBay which is 12"

wide and reasonably priced. It is made of rungs, but they are wide

and don't have a ton of space between... I could use some heavy

duty non-skid tape which I have to bridge the gaps if his paws

fall between the rungs (he's also getting blind. Deaf too... aging sux).

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I got an answer of 7-1/2" on the MSR ramp from an eBay seller.

I think I'm gonna go with the other one since it's 12" even though it's

six feet, instead of seven, in length.

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Got the ramp yesterday - it's extremely nice for $63.

I'll try and get some pictures when we have the camera out for our

first dirt bike riding trip.:worthy:

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Well... we tried it out... to load the dog into the Excursion.

He didn't like it much - maybe because of the clicking sound his toenails

make on the aluminum, and mainly because of the height and fear of the

unknown. We made him go up & down a bunch of times (rewarding with

treats) and he started to get it.

But the next day, when we were going someplace, he laid in front of

the house and had no interest in coming along.

I think once he gets used to it he'll really like the ability to get

into the truck w/o being lifted in, but I guess old dogs are like

old people and don't like new things.

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