WR426 Throttle Stop Question

I just tried to do the free mods to my '02 WR426F and I just got the throttle stop bolt out. Apparently the dealer had already cut it off. However, they cut it off all the way down to the threads. All of the links that I have checked out to make these mods tell me that I need to leave 20 mm on the stem. I am just curious about whether this matters, and if there are any affects of having it so short.

Yes it screws up the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) and makes the performance erratic at high revs. On older models you may also ultimatley have a problem with the carb slide cracking due to over lifting and interference with the carb at the top.

Mine was cut as well on my 02' WR426. You should be fine. I have no problems with mine..................db :)

You might want to make sure that when you open the throttle, with the cut throttle stop in, that the slide doesn't go any farther than flush with the carb throat. Better safe than sorry.


Did you come into South Valley Motorsports (Yamaha Dealership in Draper) on Friday?? If so, I helped you at the parts counter. If not, no big deal. Just wanted to say HELLO............db :)

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