rubber bar-mount cones (07 kx250)

so, i got some new taller bars (flexx bars even, since I'm old and frail), and I got some pro-taper oversize barmounts that replace the stockers but still use the stock rubber cones. Unfortunately, every time the bike tips over, or hits a bigass boulder in the A-loop of a national enduro and doesn't tip over, the bars get severely tweaked. Not sure If I over-tightened the mounts or under-tightened them or what, but it happened about 4 times over the last 2 weeks, including 8 mins before the start of the last test at the rockpile national (montana) where the bike stood still while I took off the seat and pulled the filterskin, but then jumped over when i turned my back to pee. :worthy:

Lol, luckily i fixed it in time, but i'm wondering, how tight should those clamps be, and should i get new ones, or aluminum replacements or something?

I tighten mine very tight. I have had good luck and only bent one set of bars on the KX's. I have only used stock rubbers so I can't help on any thing else.


I never had a problem with either of my KX's doing that, but I think Dennis Kirk sells some aluminum inserts to replace the rubber cones.

Get a one-piece top mount. That'll fix 'er right up.

Your bars will be more prone to bending w/o those cones taking the hit. Usually a few strong whacks against one of the steering stops and I'm off and running.

I had the same problem on my '06. The bike could tip over and tweak the mounts. I even bent one of the OEM posts. About a year ago I got fed up and bought the ProTaper upper tripple clamps and it solved the problem. And they have different rubber densities for the vibration control. Not the cheapest solution but it cured my problem - I haven't had the bars move since.

Somehow the 2006 and 2007 KX250s' have single mounts, but they used to have a single top piece at least back until 1987, if not further.

I'll bet if you put them in there and tighten the bolts real good they'll fit lol. I do agree with the one piece top bar clamp and use them on mine.


The folks at applied claim those don't fit the kx. naturally, they want to sell me a new top triple clamp.

here is a pic of mine 05 KX450 top clamp (same cones as the 250 2T) nuts finger tight, prior to mounting n548652524_1736146_8688.jpg

I can't remember where I got them (possibly Pit Posse)but they were sold as the applied racing cr cones.

the theory is sound and it is the same reason skateboard no longer use rubber. It is actually the metal washer that bends, but each time you crash the rubber loses strength so it tweaks easier next time.

If you are not bending teh metal washer you need to learn how to crash harder :worthy:

Have you considered getting a 2005 KX250 one piece clamp? It may also be on another bike, such as the 2005 KX250F.

It would be silver instead of brown, however.

2005 is when they went from 90mm spacing to 98mm spacing.

gas 4 u. thanks for the link. I guess if motosport sez they fit and u say they fit, that's good enough for me. although their website was screwing with me so i had to call them, i got them ordered.

I think the taller bars i'm using may cause more tweakage than the stockers.

after one real good crash you can pretty much tweak the stockers with a good sneeze :worthy:. the Sanoprene ones are holding up great for me but I am also keeping the rubber side down so far

so how are the applied racing rubber cones holding up, are they fitting propperly, i called motosprt to day to order them and he said they wont fit the kxf, and he was trying to sell my eaton bar/combo kits and so on. i just want some good rubber mounts, i hate the stockers and dont really want solids.

I'd like to know as well. This problem is so annoying, even the littlest tip overs tweak the bars all over the place. I can't tighten them up anymore either. lol

I got mine from Langston racing i think they are made by Zeta...

ok, i called langston about 2-3 days ago and they were out of them till about 3-4 weeks till their next shipment came in. ill try again. thanks

I'd like to know as well. This problem is so annoying, even the littlest tip overs tweak the bars all over the place. I can't tighten them up anymore either. lol

i only have 30 or so hours since i got the ones mentioned above, and i'm not sure i've fallen over, but they seem to work great.

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