valve clearance with hotcams

I just want to make sure that I dont need to reshim. It looks like I am very close to the acceptable clearance.

my specs:


.006 left

.005 right


.009 left

.008 right

most say you need to reshim after hotcam install but I think I'm right on

hotcam spec: intake= .004 -.006

exaust= .006 - .008

can I use the stock cam clearances?

stock spec: intake= .004 - .008

exaust= .008 - .0118

thanks for any input, I dont want to screw anythin up.

07 sm , fcr, rs2

when i used hotcams,i used the stock long as they were within tolorences i was good to go

hotcams are generally right on.they stilll need to be did right.


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