2007 KX250F help

Im having some trouble with my suspension. It hasnt been sent out for my weight and that might be the problem but here it is. When going down a fast strait (4th-5th gear) then slowing down right before the jump to not over shoot i get a pretty good amount of head shake. Also in ruts or anything else with a big sqare edge in it feels like my bike doesnt soak it up at at, it hits HARD. Any suggestions?

soften um up!!! the worst you do is make it too soft!!

Knowing your geared-up weight would help.

If you get headshake on decel, your fork is either too soft, or your shock is too stiff. Either by damping or by having the pre-load set wrong on the spring.

The harshness you feel on accelleration is from the shock valving being too light on the lo-speed. You're most likely bouncing off the bump rubber. Turning in the compression will help - to a point, but it really needs a revalve.

first and formost check the sag, it maybe something silly like 90mm, and then if needed lower the forks in the triple clamp in 3mm increments.

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