DRZ 400 SM Project.

I love the SM, but.

I need it to do a little more.

Part one, stock hub courtesy of the tt store.

Lace up to a 250F rear rim, some special order Buchanan spokes.

Cheap Kings tire 2.75 by 19. Anybody know of something better

chime in please.

I put into the race tech site that I was 240 pounds,

206 this morning really. I had to find fork springs

of equal diameter and cut them down a bit as

well as some mild fabrication. They do not make

SM springs in .52. Thing is great now. Great braking too.

Still looking for a rear wheel setup. I also will install

the 5.9 rear spring soon as well. Any other options in

place of the stock hub in the rear? RM, KTM?

I will do the motor last this winter, I really want to make sure

the suspension and motor match. Motor is the easy part, manners

are first up. Feel free to tell me what works.

Project DRZ is on!

Front end is done.



Stock E and S wheels bolt right up. but require SM rotor. I would go with 47T sprocket too.

Wheeling Cycle Supply has Jap Spec CUSH hubs laced to them as well.

Check them out.

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