Rear suspension hop

I have an 02 YZ250 and don't know too much about suspension setup. My biggest concern is that the rear wheel hops pretty bad when braking hard into a corner especially if there are "braking" bumps. What settings need to be adjusted? I was thinking about adjusting the low speed compression clicker to a softer setting.

Check your sag first. Go to the suspension forum to set this if you dont know how.

Then, start with the rebound. Turn the adjuster out (counter-clockwise) 1-2 clicks then check for wheel hop again. Repeat if needed. If you get to about 16+ total clicks out, raise your sag number.

The way I understand it is the high speed compression is for braking bumps and things like that. Slow speed is for jumps. I would also start with slowing the reboumd but if that doesn't do it soften the high speed compression and give that a try.

To be clear. Yes, start with your sag setting 1st. HS compression generally is okay at the stock setting (the outer nut on the reservoir, and it is for big jumps and big hits), the low speed is the screw within the nut on the reservoir and it is the predominant adjustment on the compression. Clockwise will slow the compression in, but too much will make it stiff and perhaps give you the "hop" you are referring to. The rebound screw is found by your linked suspension below the swingarm. Turned in will slow the release/rebound of the shock from being too quick, turned out counterclockwise will make it rebound quicker and possibly keep it planted but too much also may make it not as pliable and also give you a "hop". That being said I have an '03 and my settings are as follows (with a Pro Circuit revalve though...) Forks C13 (compression is on bottom of fork in these years) R12; Shock C14 R11; it is a science between the compression and rebound as they work together. So, set sag, turn clickers all the way in, set to stock settings (turn out), then adjust each setting 1 at a time until you find your setting. Have fun and keep notes as you adjust what each turn did to your ride.:worthy:

You didn't state if there has been any service history on the shock, so I'll guess that it hasn't been opened since it was 2002.

If that's the case then you might want to have an R&R session with it before adjusting anything. :worthy:

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