Kawasaki Tecate restoration

Saw this beauty for sale on my girlfriend's street and it was love at first sight. Its a 1985 Kawasaki Tecate, 250cc 2t, and it absolutly HAULS! :worthy: .Im aiming to have it totally done and up for sale in 2 weeks, so im looking forward to a hecktic but fun 2 weeks:thumbsup: Sorry the pics suck, ill take better ones once i do a little more work to it.




that engine color almost looks anodized. Trippy.....

I rebuilt one for a buddy of mine a few years back. Those things HAUL !

They made a tecate 4 in 87 with a twist throttle from the factory.:worthy:

Man.....I got my a$$ handed to me as a kid on a trike (Honda 250R!) and I never rode one again...........but that thing sure looks fun! I'd take a spin for nostalgia's sake!

sweet. a buddy of mine had one when we were kids, and it was really fast too. he ended up going off the road and busted his foot bad. keep up with the pictures please :worthy:

Very cool. check out 3wheelerworld.com if you haven't already.

I too am just getting started on a trike resto. 85 Tri Z 250. I hope to have the frame ready for paint by the weekend. Doing it and the swinger in black with white plastic.:worthy:




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