2000 cr250 v.s 2003 rm250

give me the good and bad of both a 2000 cr250 and a 2003 rm250, my buddy may want to trade his rm for my cr...which would you rather have? based on ridability not newer models or older models...

Ride Red!!!!! I am a bit biased. I Have had very bad experiences with suzukis. My first bike was a lil zuki 50 I got brand new when I was a young child. The engine blew up in my back yard when I was riding it. I was thrashed off the bike. I had to go to the ER. My dad then got me a XR50, and I was very happy on a bike ever since. I know Suzukis are good bikes, but I have always been afraid of yellow.

I have had 4 Suzuki's. First was a '73 SP370 that would never quite run right, no matter how much fiddling I did. Next was a '82 GS550 that once again, would never seem to be reliable enough to ride for more than 50 mile trips. After that, it was on to a 2000 Bandit 1200 that I sold at a loss due to some wierd ass rotating valve issues, even with new valves and head work! The last Suzi I got was a '01 SV650. That was the only Suzi that never had a hiccup while I owned it (admittedly, that was only for around 6 months due to the boner busting tank/seat geometry). Out of the 7 Honda's I have had, mixed street and dirt models, I have never once had an issue that I couldnt easily or relatively easily resolve. I have had 2 Kawi's (KLR250 and KLX650R) and I had to rebuild the top ends in both (and the cylinder/piston on the 650), the 2004 250 only 2400 miles on it! Also had a short foray into Husky territory, but I got over that quickly, when I realized just how fragile the machines are. People can say what they want about Honda's, but so far, they have been the most reliable motorcycles I have ever owned. Hell, just look at my avatar, that buried machine was my first year model '93 XR650L. Never once had to do anything to it but change the oil and add fuel.

I've only had one Suzuki. Just one. First and last mistake I'll ever make. Stay red.

I have ridden 1 2005 RM 250 and it worked nice. I do know that around here Hondas have greater resale are much more popular and have a reputation for being pretty bullit proof. I would guess that the RM being 3 years newer that it would be a little more advanced. I didn't notice that the RM I rode felt any better than my 01 cr when I rode it . I didn't ride the RM very hard though. Why does your friend want to trade for a bike that is 3 yrs older? That is a clue.

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