Hot Cams: Stage 1, 2 or 3?

Hey all,

I am a decent Intermediate rider currently going to college, supporting my habit with a part time job. A cam seems to be the best and most economical first step towards keeping up with all the daddy-built (and paid for) bikes that are in the Intermediate class.

I would classify myself as a smooth, technical rider that prefers not to use the clutch as much as the average intermediate but I also use all of the RPM range. Also, I ride almost exclusively outdoor tracks.

So the question is this: Which stage will be the best for a bone-stock 2008 CRF450R? Also, will it affect the motor's reliability? If so, how much?

Thanks in advance for your help and opinions.


I have the HC stage 2 in my bike. I ride in the mid to top of my rpm's so it compliments my riding style very well. It really smoothed out the power curve too. The stage 1 is more focused on the bottom end. The stage 3 is more for supermoto. Anything other then OEM is going to put more wear on the engine but thats the price we pay right.

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