'83 RM500 rear spring

I have a 1983 RM500 and I am trying to find a heavier rate spring for it. I weight 250 lbs and the stock spring is too light.

Race Tech does not carry a heavier rate spring.

Does anybody else know a source for heavier rates springs for this bike?

Check with www.eibach.com they might have one.

I replaced my 1984 RM500 shock spring for a Honda spring. Found it on a scrapped XR650. Same length/diameter and felt stiffer so I gave it a try. It was clearly better than stock. Im 190 lbs

I think you can find one from another brand as long the dimensions match.

Any 80-90 offroad bike with Showa or KYB single shock.

I found a place that will custom make rear springs for less than $200


the spring is AMAZING. They will also make it for virtually make or model shock.

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