I give up damnit...

After getting everything internally reassembled, we attempted to put the case halves back together again. After getting started, carefully, we began to notice the tranny half wasn't sinking down anymore.

After fighting it for a while, we decided to split the case again. As it split, it made a "pop" sound. I pulled it apart, and noticed that the bolt inside of the stator area was still there; Not tight, but probably had a thread or two inside the other half. After it fully split apart, I saw the damage - The bolt hole that the forgotten bolt was in had pulled off of the case half. So now a chunk of metal from the right case half is broken out of the case....

*** do I do now? New case half? If I go this route, I'm going to just let someone assemble this thing for me. I'm no stranger to auto mechanics, but this :lol: has me absolutely ready to kill. :worthy:

Yup, that's going to leave a mark!

It's been said many times that you should replace cases in pairs, but I've always felt that the tolerances are close enough that you could replace just one side. Check eBay and try again.

I guess I play the waiting game.... no right side 96-00 case halves (or even pairs) right now.......

This is turning into a nightmare.

I guess I play the waiting game.... no right side 96-00 case halves (or even pairs) right now.......

This is turning into a nightmare.

Check with this guy on Ebay. His store lists over 1700 suzuki parts.

He's a great seller. Ships fast. and checks his email until all hours of the night.

He may have something he's getting ready to take apart.


Email him directly.


Hey, do it yourself! Just make sure you have a cool comfortable place to do the assembly. Get the area ready. Nice and clean all

parts and tools off the surface. Turn on some tunes and start singing while you work. You'll get it done.

Just emailed him. I saw some of his listings last night; hopefully he's got something.

I'll have to get a picture of where it broke, but I'm wondering if anyone would recommend something like JBWeld (ducking) on a break like this. I mean, its a part that is going to be sandwiched between the cases when sealed, and it has a screw thread right though it, so it really can't move inside the case.

I'll get some pics tonight.

If I've gotta get new case halves, I'm going to begin to wonder if its worth it to fix this one or just buy something newer.

What kind of bike is it?


1998 RM250

Just asking because I have the complete bottom end of a 98 RM125 in the basement

Are the 1997 RM250 cases the same as the 1998???

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