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DR350SEw Oil Behaviour, Temp/Press

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Howdy fellow riders:ride:

Was wondering about the oils behaviour on my bike, if it's normal or what,

the engine is brand new and only 500kms, my oil is RacingWay 10W-40.:worthy:

(New generation full synthetic motor oil for 4-stroke motorcycles, also to the transmission and coupling (clutches). The oil exceeds the latest JASO requirement, is very stable viscosity and friction custom motorcycle links. API SM, JASO MA-2.)

I start the bike and let it idle for few mins before I drive it slowly to warm the bike up and the oil, takes about 5-10mins to reach 80c depending on how hot the weather is outside, after 25km of driving the oil is at 130c, the red bar starts at 120, max is up to 140c, the temp gauge manometer is where the refill cap is was(sorry don't have a pic), I have about 105km/h on 6000rpm in 6th shift, also when I waited for those working on the road to move the oil jumped from 100c to 120c pretty fast, in about 3mins while just waiting. But on the other side the oil cool itself faster down, takes about 10mins to drop from 100c to 60c.:lol:

Now, uhm... is this normal, or might something be wrong on the bike?

By the way, does any have any experience with the oil cooler set which can be bought as optional, will it really help to keep the oil cooler?

The oil pressure should be fine I think, have not heard any sreamy noises yet, like happen on my last engine.:lol:

I also have a complete electrical gauge set for the oil press to, just have to find some few srews to make it fit or something.

I have another 2 oil temp gauges, which are electricals ones that looks like a srew, just not sure where to put it yet, either the main emty cap under the engine or the forward cap under the frame, or even both.:lol:


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