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My 5'2" 12yr old has has just about outgrown his CFR 100. We do mostly two track with some woods mixed in. I have been thinking about an upgrade.

A CRF 150 seems like the next logical choice, but then again I am geting tired of buying bikes every year. What do you guys think about a CRF 230, or is their a better choice.

How much of an upgrade is a CRF 150 from the 100, and 230 from the 150.

I previously owned a CRF230F and it is a great bike. It doesn't go insanely fast but the power should be enough for your kid. Also it has the e-start and that is great especially when you are stuck on a hill. I moved from a TTR90 to a 230 with two or three rides on a TTR125 in between. I would say get the 230 so you don't end up buying another new bike the next year.

she should be fine on a 230. She might be on her tip toes but she'll be fine. The only thing is the weight might scare her.

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