Hi Ladies!!

I've been lurking over here for about a month now and think it is time to introduce myself...... So, a big southern "Hey!" to all the ladies!

I started riding a couple months ago so I'm a newbie. It all started when my husband was talking about buying bikes for himself and my 15 yr. old stepson so I made sure to hint very LOUDLY that I'd like one too. :worthy: No way was I being left out of riding dirt bikes! I grew up on a farm in NC and rode my brother's and cousin's bikes so I had a little bit of experience even if it was a looonnnggg time ago. So, we ended up buying three used bikes. I'm riding a 2003 Yamaha TTR125LE and lovin it. I'm 5'4 and 128lbs. so height wise it fits me great. However, I'm finding after so many falls and picking the bike up that it is freakin heavy but at least I'm finally building that upper body strength I always wanted. :lol: I love riding but am still a bit timid when it comes to tight corners and single track. I don't know what it is but I'll be going along fine then hesitate in a corner and of course end up falling over. Maybe it is mental. Who knows. Just something I need to work on. Would love to hear any advice you all can offer.

We live in Hood River, Oregon, and we're still exploring around here but we'd also like to get out and explore more trails around Oregon and Washington. I'd also enjoy meeting some of you and if you didn't mind riding with a newbie would love to ride with some local ladies. We're thinking about heading out to the Bend area this week or next for some trail riding. If ya'll know of any great trails out that way I'd love to hear about them. We picked up a couple off road trail maps when we were in the John Day and Bend area last week and are planning a short camping/off road trip. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Hi MelB !

I'm in the same boat - back to riding after a looong time off from when I was little kid. My boyfriend rides enduros and I got sick of hitching rides on the back, so I got a CRF 230 this spring. He's awesomely patient and helpful and I'm addicted to the bike.

We have mostly tight woods trails up here in NY, so turns and tress are tough for me, because I don't always necessarily have the speed and momentum to get around smoothly, but it's getting better. I suspect it's just matter of getting your confidence up and trusting yourself and knowing your bike. I've been doing drills in a field, to reassure myself that I can turn as tight as I want when there's no nasty trees nearby to attack me :lol:

I love that great feeling of accomplishment when you make it through a section you were a little worried about. :worthy:

I'd recommend DVD from the MSF called Dirtbike School. It starts verrrry slow (Wear a helmet. This is the clutch. This is the brake.) but later on they have some great basic riding tips that I watched, and then tried, and darned if it wasn't good advice. My BF even watched it and said it was a good refresher for an experienced rider.

Welcome aboard! The best advice I can give is just to keep trying. I am amazed at the terrain I don't even bat an eye over now. In fact, I can't remember the last time I stopped before an obstacle and thought "oh man, I hope I can make this!" I just DO it. I don't panic or sweat it much at all any more. Heck, I even looped my bike out this spring going up a gnarly uphill. I just stepped off the back of the bike... it was like it was in slow motion. No adrenaline rush or anything. I just casually stepped off, climbed back up to the bike, killed it, picked it up and got it straightened back out (one of the guys we were riding with helped me straighten it out). I climbed back on mid-hill, kicked it over and rode the rest of the way up, no sweat.

Keep your eye on any riding tips you can. They all add up with practice. You may not ride perfect for a long time yet... but every time you remind yourself to hug the tank, shift your weight, weight the peg, elbows up, etc... you start building enough repetition so it sticks. I still have a LONG LONG way to go before I'm actually good... but every time I ride I'm better.

Welcome MelB!!! You got all the right things going on there. Now just more mileage and it sounds like you're getting that, too.

I Mtn Biked up at Mt Hood and loved it - the whole time I kept wishing I had a Moto!!! Beautiful area, for sure.

My mantra : "Eyes Up, Elbows Up" And things begin to flow from there. Keep a song in your head and like YamaMama said - don't sweat it. Have Fun!

Hi fellow Oregonian! I know there is a map put out by the dept that runs the ORV stuff for Oregon that shows all the riding areas for Oregon and gives basic info. I'll try to find where to get that specifically, or be back with a website.

ALso you can go ask in the regional forum here on TT for Northwest, there are lots of real helpful people in there too!

THere is a new riding area with trails by you in Hood River(I'll have to look up the name). Also McCubbins GUlch would be pretty close to you, it's on MT Hood.

I am amazed at the terrain I don't even bat an eye over now. In fact, I can't remember the last time I stopped before an obstacle and thought "oh man, I hope I can make this!"

You guys are awesome for encouragement. Thanks !

You guys are awesome for encouragement. Thanks !

Glad that little bit helped. It really is funny how things look after another year or so of riding. Ride someplace that you feel is 'hard', then don't go back for a year or two. The next time you ride it you'll be amazed that you ever thought it was difficult. Even with only riding a time or two each year, I still find I improve just a tad every time I ride. I want to ride more. Hubby is actually getting a little bit more into it now that he's met all the gals who ride... he likes our pace better than the balls out riding the boys-only rides turn into. Sucks getting old! :worthy:

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