TTR150 vs. KTM 525XC

I just borrowed a friend's 525 and was really suprised how similar the handling felt, compared to my TTR. I have had some other bikes in the past (KLX 400, XR250, and EXC200) and they were much harder to handle on twisty single track, so I didn't think a full size bike could handle like this.

My question is, what are some other bikes with great handling, that I might find used and affordable? Is the handling something that got better with a certain year on most bikes? (the 525 is an 07 I think, all the others I had were 04 or older). How is the TTR230/250, and how is the KLX250s? I know this is the TTR forum, but that is where I'm coming from right now.

Also, the 525 felt like it had to rev a bit before the torque kicked in, where the TTR seems to have good torque right off idle. Is this air cooled vs. water cooled that I'm feeling? It might have been gearing, or maybe the weight difference of the bikes. Not sure.

Thanks for reading.

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