witch bike DRZ or TTR ????

Aloha ,

im on the market for a bike(4 stroke) for my wife, she is 27 years 5'1" and 100lbs,she has been riding for about two years. right now she has a crf100 with a bbr big bore kit. she loves this bike but just out growing it, i wanted to suprize her with a bigger bike. i have a crf150f

and that bike is to big and heavy for her .....she will be using the bike mainly for the trails but she does ride the track every so often. i could really use your guys help in making the right choice. Im looking at the DRZ and TTR

but still open to other options but she wants a 4 stroke.......all feedback will be put to good use...... thanks again



My wife is a newbie and I got her a TTR125 LE. She is a bit taller - 5'4" and weighs just few more pounds than your wife. She loves her bike. In our area it is the girl bike of choice. Those that upgrade go on to the CRF150 but judging by how tall your wife is - I can see why your bike doesn't fit her.

Get the TTR. It has electric starting and that's going to make all the difference. I would not touch a CRF150 unless she is going to get into racing.

I would go with the ttr125 for sure. Its a great bike and will get your wife around just fine, also its very durable and will last a long time. Plus there is hardly any maintance involved with this bike.

The only thing the TTR has over the DRZ is the e-start. Both are super good bikes that pull like a tractor. The DRZ may be a bit faster but that isn't going to be a factor right now.

the drz is slower than the crf 100, but the drz feels biiger anf faster, but i dont no why??

i would say get the crf 150r, cause it a 4 stroke, about the same wheight if not lighter, and its a good step up!! just my .02

even though i am loyal to suzuki i would have to say the ttr because e-start is easier for girls out on the trails when they stall on a hill or something

thanx for all the input everybody

I realize this thread is a couple months old now, but thought I'd post this question anyway...

The TTR125 is a great bike - and I've always liked Yamahas. But I noticed the Suzuki DRZ125 is about the same bike; one big difference for me is that the DRZ has an actual oil filter on it instead of a little screen like the TTR.

How important is this to the rest of you?

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