Noise from drive sprocket / chain area

When I'm at low rpm's in 2nd or 3rd gear and get on the throttle, there is a slapping noise coming from the sprocket / chain area. Chain slack is what is recommended. Any ideas of what this is and how to avoid?:worthy:

Just double check that you have the sprockets aligned well, and that the slack is in fact set right...

Other than that, chain slap is normal...

The only way to avoid it is to keep the revs up a bit. It would tend to do this less if the rotating mass of the crank was heavier.


Good to know that this is a normal YZ 450 thing. I was riding with a group a few days ago at the track and they all mentioned that at lower rpms my chain was slapping around and appeared loose. I measured it and it was at 1.9 inches, when the manual recommends 1.8-2.3 inches of slack. Maybe they were just jealous that they were behind me all day and trying to get into my head?!


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