Going back to knobs.

I gave the trials tire thing a fair shot and they do hook up very well but they

dont suit my riding style. My problems with them are:

-make the front end too light exiting corners

-slide out way too easy exiting turns

-almost impossible to correctly brake slide a turn with one

-cant undercut and brake pass in turns cause you have to be too ginger with the throttle exiting the turns.

-suck in grass fields

Pros are

-excellent climbing-

-excellent in rocks

-excellent climbing

-excellent in rocks

Mind you, I didnt get a good trials tire to test out, but the Hare Scrambles I run have flat turns, grass tracks, and the trails are so tight that you gotta pass when you can, not when conditions are perfect for a trials tire. I think with having the Tubliss system and knobbies at 5-6 psi, it will pretty much cure everything I was trying to fix with the trials and give back what I was giving up to run a trials tire.

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