08 450XCF not pumping oil to the cams

I have an 08 450XCF that has give nothing but problems this year. to make a long story short, i have figured out that the motor is not pumpimg enough oil. How critical is the plastic oil pumps. I am going to replace both suction pumps and the pressure pump but i won't to be sure this is the problem. To the naked eye, they look fine. I have completly disassembled the engine to clean all oil passages, any suggestions?

I´ve never heard of any oil circ. problems other than some blocked oil passages caused by liberal use of silicone / liguid gasket. Has it been like that since day one or did these problems start after an rebuild or something ??

Just started doing it. Original problem was a clogged up oil filter. I tore the engine completly down and cleaned all oil passages. I also replaced the pressure pump and one suchion pump, the other suchion pump was on back order till July 23. I put the engine back together this week and rode it for 15 minutes. Took the valve cover off, dry as a bone. Please help

Are you changing the oil filter as per manual

Are you using a stainless steel filter? Those won´t work on this bike. Stick with the stock paper filters and replace them every two oil changes. Make sure you are using a 15w40 or 15w40 oil. Replace all three oil pumps and check the sump pickup tube, making sure you don´t have air leaks in the suction side. These bikes have marginal top end oiling and if the filter gets a little bit dirty, oil will not flow to the cams. I got lazy with the oil changes on my 07 450sxf and it seized over a 3d gear tabletop, almost kills me. The exhaust cam seized and took the cam yoke with it, along with the valves

i am religous with the oil changing. A SS caused my original problem. I stopped up and took out the ex cam. But i have never been able to straighten the engine out since then. Need some more advice.

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