From a Tiger to a KTM 400 EXC. Gear?

Selling my Tiger beast dual sport and moving on to a much smaller and lighter KTM 400 EXC. I just got rid of all my street gear. What kind (brands) of gear do you use for light moto, hare scrambles and trail riding? Helmets, protection, pants, jerseys, boots, ect. Thanks in advance.

KLIM is good.

KLIM is good.


Another for Klim best gear I've ever owned

SIDI Crossfire SRS for boots love them

Fox V3 helmet (but all helmets fit different so find one you like)


moose racing.

but i've never had experience with KLIM

Another + for KLIM. I favor over-the-boot style riding pants over the in-the-boot style as over-the-boot does a better job of keeping stuff from getting in the boots. Also prefer pants with zip closure pockets. You'll appreciate an weatherproof enduro style jacket with zip/velcro venting and zip off sleeves. For boots, I prefer the ones with a heavier ATV type of lug sole over the type with the thinner sole-mine are THor-Quadrant. Am willing to surrender some feel through the sole in favor of protection from roots/rocks and they provide extra traction when I have to get off the bike to "assist" it over obstacles. The "Quick Strap" accessory goggle straps make it easier to remove/replace goggles with one hand when resting/cooling off. Elbow and shin/knee guards (I've used MSR with no issues) are inexpensive protection for low speed get-offs.

TCX boots, Klim, Leatt, Pod Braces...Fox makes an pretty good chest protector. I use a Thor Sentinal, just don't like anything on my shoulders...i like the protection without the feeling of actually wearing it. Braces are pure preference, they are spendy, but then again so is a knee injury. Leatt...go figure

FWIW, I wear an HJC Helmet, Moose Racing enduro pants, Fox jersey, Alpinestars boots, Fox gloves, 661 pressure suit and knee/shin guards.

Love the Klim stuff as well (got it for sledding)

Klim, it's less fashion, more function. Good stuff

Klim, it's less fashion, more function. Good stuff

I would agree. The colours/graphics are a little more muted than some of the obnoxious stuff you find these days (like my Fox 360 Jersey :worthy:)

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