4 Strokes are Killing MX!

what do you expect on a web site called twostrokemotocross.com:bonk: come on, they are not THAT much more expensive

Clearly this fellow doesn't quite know what he's talking about. First of all you can still be competitive on a two stroke. A friend of mine just raced a local race that Pastrana participated in and the dude that smoked everyone was on a 250 two stroke.

Secondly if kids would stop riding these bikes around on the rev limiter all the time they would get a lot more reliability out of their machines!!! The ONLY four stroke I've ever blown up was a Cannondale and I've been on four strokes since the YZ 400F.

i beg to differ. if your an average joe, just ride every now and then its really no more expensive. if you race week end and week out and practice during the week, cost to maintain goes way up if you have a 4 stroke. i believe this guy was speaking from a "race every week" point of view.

"...Would you buy a computer that could not maintain its performance for more than a month or so, where the performance degraded almost on a per use basis? It totally self destruct if not rebuilt several times per year for a heavy user, at a cost of almost 20% of its total purchase price per rebuild. To top it off, it has the resale value of a brick? – I would not purchase this computer ever!..."

Hmmmm..... would we buy a computer that could not maintain its performance and have the resale value of a brick? Uhhh.... well ya. We all do. :lol:

Unless he's using a computer at the library, he's just described the computer he is using (presumably) to write this letter and send it on the Internet. :worthy: In fact, he's coming close to describing every single computer in the world. The biggest growing industry the world has ever seen seems to operate well by making equipment as he describes.

:lol: :lol: :banana:

I just think it's funny he chose computers to try to help his argument :banana:

I like how he said that it no longer takes talent or skill to become a pro rider, but just a fat wallet. Sweet, I'm going to start saving now. My days as a C rider are over!

ya that article is a ******* joke

It sounds like it's written by a complaining single mom who doesn't know the first thing about racing. I like how she keeps saying the sport is dying when every national and supercross is basically sold out. I guess she wasn't watching when Bubba won the 250cc National Championship on a 125. If she did, she couldn't have an excuse about why her son loses every weekend.

I find it amusing how many of these types of thread and articles show up on a sight called THUMPERTalk. :worthy::lol:

I find it amusing how many of these types of thread and articles show up on a sight called THUMPERTalk. :worthy::lol:

ME TOO!!!!!!!!

yea that article was bullshit....obviously hes a 4t hater and is just really stubborn

lol needed some entertainment, glad I read that.

I like 2t's but to take it to the extreme is just beyond me. Glad he won't be watching MX, one more seat for me to get at Anaheim or vegas :worthy:

"A) There are less MX fans buying tickets than ever before!

:worthy: Less people buying bikes!

C) Less people have an interest in watching it on television!"

heres my comments on his "problems"

A) Hangtown mx increased there attendance by like 30%

B)The economy is screwed who wants to buy a bike when they have no money.

C) Every ones getting hurt who wants to watch that.

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