annual TT social gathering @ Bill's in PA?


This year, my schedule allows me to come down to PA anytime from (0800) June 18 > 29.

I will getting off of midshift :D Wednesday morning 6/18.

Will there be a ride this year???

You mentioned that kick butt track west of you being GREAT! :D Is this on the list as well?

It would be sweet to ride Bud's Creek :) w/ Steve (Angry Candy). Whatever happened to that Guy?

RSVP Please!

Looks like we may be at the Breezwood Proving Grounds. They have several tracks, some woods loops and a cabin we can rent. And the track I told you about (Rocket Raceway) is within a half hour.


this time Bill, I WILL NOT be sharing my sleeping bag w/ ANYONE! I don't care how heterosexual he is! :)

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