Which 4X4

Well, quite simply which 4X4 should I get---it will be used for snow/ bad weather primarily---no baja stuff.

2009 jeep wrangler or Toyota Tacoma 4x4( 2,7 L or 4.0 L?) no heavy hauling or stuff like that.

why not a ford?

keep it american.

For bad road conditions (mainly ice) the short wheelbase Jeeps can be tricky to keep going in one direction.

If its going to be used on the road most of the time I would go with the Toyota, a much better ride and you will get more trouble free miles out of it.

I'd get a full size truck...

(but think American)

we live in America why not buy American

I've owned 2 Toyotas and 2 dull size Dodges. Although I love the power of my diesel now, I would recommend the Toyota. Both of mine did great in the snow and were much more hassle free than either of my Dodges.

I would get the Toyota too.

Toyota and the 2.7 is a real good motor

I have no problem buying American,gentlemen but if there is a more reliable unit out there---it gets my vote.My father worked at Ford for 35 years(1950--1985) he saw alot of the "hay-day" and alot of the BS years of production/bad part running nonsense.I currently have a 1993 Ford F-150---bought new---STRAIGHT 6 engine(awesome)---but it blows in the snow-etc.

Trust me guy's--if Ford and the others made a unit as dependable like some other manufacturers---then!,I'd be in.

Also,the Toyota 2.7L is showing a rearend gearing of 4.1---isn't that a bit low for highway speeds?---also the tacoma is built in California I believe---jobs.

The newer toyotas are good, but I have to express something, personally I think the interior on the newer tacomas are not quality built. We own a 2005 crew cab trd and the interior breakes without any impact just falls apart, the seats are stain-prone even water will leave a giant stain (not my fault other people in truck). Now I love the interior of my dodge ram way higher quality then the toyota, but the toyota does have a bulletproof motor. I dont know much about the ram motor (2001) havent had the truck long enough. Thats just my personal experience guys, not to mention everytime I tie down a bike in the tacoma it bouncs no matter what, I tie it down hard even using the handlebar straps knot it 3 times, and it still scares the crap out of me while driving.

Get the Toyota.

My father in law is a "Jeep Guy". He's had CJ's, Cherokees, and now has a Liberty. He's spent more time in the dealership waiting room due to mechanical issues than I care to think about. This is on vehicles no more than three years old.

I've had a '98 Tacoma 4X4 since new and it's never been back to the dealership.

the 4:11's are not a problem at highway speeds.....

I have always had really good luck with the Toyota trucks. If you don't have to haul large loads (3500 lbs +), they work great. The small engines get decent milage for a truck. Reliability is really good, and there is a ton of aftermarket to get the truck to perform to your needs.

Plus if you decide to sell, they hold their value very well.


i owned 2 jeeps , i will never buy one again .

i currently own 2 toyota's i will never go back to jeeps .

the only domestic truck i would consider is a 1 tonne diesel which suck off road .

i know a few people with the new taco's they love them , both with 4.0's .

4.11 isn't to low for the highway jeez i drive a v8 with 4.11's and a 4 speed manual on the highway it does just fine .

Get the toyota. Every one says buy american. I own a chevy 2500hd and love it. But if you get a replacement part it's made in mexico. At least most toyota parts and made in the usa and the truck is too. I work at a lexus dealer and 99 percent of our toyota parts say made in the usa on the box. I haven't gotten a delco part for my truck yet that wasn't made in mexico. Get the toyota it'll last forever and will be my next truck.

Thanks for the quick reply's folks!!---keep'em comin---hmmm,2.7L or 4.0L?.

someone i work with just traded his full size dodge for a quad cab toyota trd truck and loves it. If I could afford one this is what I would get.

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