xl500s electrical for newbies?

I am rewiring a 1980 XL500s with all the lights to get it back on the road. I was able to get the head light (both high and low beams), and tail light working but as soon as I reved the engine they burt out. They where 6v bulbs. Any ideas? First bike, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

You sure they are supposed to run 6 volters..My 82 runs 12's., Do you have the Manual so you can check for sure.,Actually I think my Maunal covers your model so I'll have a look what they are supposed to use. Oh and your in NZ.(Whereabouts).welcome aboard the ship.

I've looked..Manual states 6volt..sorry to say it won't be 24 volt..May be a Voltage regulator problem if they use one. The Wattage stated in the manual are as follows..All 6 volt // Headlamp=35w/35w,, Tailight=5/21w,,,Indicators= 21w. Basically get some bulbs that are the correct wattage..To low will probably blow. If that fails to work return for more help.

Actually the Manual seems a bit perplexing on the Voltage..The Haynes which covers both XL/XR states 6volt while this one which is a proper shop manual for the XL500S states 12volt so I dunno which to believe..Wattages are the same as stated above though.

The headlight is a special one, I think that it may be 24 volt. The headlight doesn't run through the voltage regulator like the battery circuit and the lighting circuit. Here is the wiring diagram courtesy of dirtbkr188 and your search function. Good luck. Troy341

Cheers, thanks for the feedback. My battery also 'blew' during the same hook up. It was a new battery that was listed as the correct on for the year and model. Just after the bulbs blew I reved it again and the battery put up a wicked spark and some smoke. I have read that some of these bikes are converted over to 12volts. Any ideas how I would go about checking if this one has been?

I'm not an electrical guru..have enough trouble figuring out the wiring on my own bikes. Is the Flasher unit for the Indicators still on the bike..If it is it should be marked as 12 or 6 on it's base..I actually used to own a 250s and a 500s but it was that long ago I can't remember whether they needed a battery or not to start. I somehow doubt they do as we always removed batteries to save weight. The easiest thing to do would be to leave the battery out and isolate the battery power wire so it's not touching the frame or any other metal object then hook the earth up to the frame or some such. Then place a 12 volt bulb in one of the lights and start her up. Switch the light on once shes running and if the bulb doesn't blow that should indicate 12 volt is right..Just make sure you get one with the correct Wattage. The manual I have is a full official shop copy,, not a Haynes or a Clymer and it deals entirely with the twin shock XL500s (two hundred pages of information in four languages) and it quite plainly states that they are a twelve volt system so I don't think theirs any doubt there.

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