Homemade centerstand plans?

Has anyone on TT seen any good homemade centerstand plans? I plan on making wood one since I do not have the ability to weld like most metal plans require.


A 5 gallon bucket works great.

Harbor freight - 25 bucks - step on the petal and it picks the bike up. You couldn't build one for that cheap!

Carl Johansson

I am the king of wood stands. I use 1/2" or thicker plywood. You have to cut the pieces like a pyramid. I think I have them 8" on top with 12" on the bottom. Remember to offset the by 2 inches on each side. Cut 4 of those and then screw them together. Cut the top last. I have sealed the seams with liquid nails and it makes a great water bucket to put out the camp fire. That is of course if it made it through the night and didnt get burned.

Just go to the loading dock of any supermarket and steel, I mean, borrow a milk crate. You may need to stick a couple 2x4's on top to get the wheels of the ground, but it's free.

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