xr plastic

does anybody no wher i can get white xr 70 plastic...its for a 2002 xr 70...i tried the crf plastic and the front finder and number plate fit but thts it...

im up for any options...let me no

I am sure between maier, ufo, polisport, etc. someone makes it.

dude they dont have it i just looked...got any other ideas

I've got the same issue. My daughter would like kaw. green plastic on her '03 xr70. I have looked everywhere and no one makes for that year. The only colored xr/crf plastics are for 2004 and forward. I've done some research on painting and have heard some good results, I may even ask a local auto paint shop, since most cars have plastic exterior pieces.

I have looked too, can't find much of anything.... :worthy:

ya i got some crf stuff just to see how close it its...the front finder fits and the number plate...shrouds are very close...but i thot bout plastic welding the shrouds to the gas tank

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