'06 crf450r 13/49 spockets

I am heading over to to do some dune riding this weekend and am planning on using the 13/49 combo also have a 51 rear. Which one is going to be good for this type of riding? What is my top speed going to be?

i assume you will need top speed not torque (i dont know never done dune riding). with 13/49 i got 148km/h (gps on bitumen) so with a 51 it would go slower but have more torque so you would prob be looking around 130km/h hope this helps

not sure on speed, but when I get to the dunes i use my 13/49 and it seems pretty good... last time out I was drag racing without a paddle and killing most people out there...

Thanks for the input

I tried 13/51 and hated it compared to 13/49. It just seemed like 13/51 killed my power.

Stock the 450 has a 13\48. I would run a 14\49 in the dunes as for power ur on a 450 u won't have any problems. Have fun

13-49 will be great for the dunes. I ran a 13-48 and I think you can do over 80 with that combo.

13/49 won't make a difference in the sand unless your running a paddle.

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