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bike running rich?

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Hey guys, I have a bike that is running a little too rich right now. It has all the conditions:

- Runs fine at cool temp, once heats up it runs worse

- Black sooty plugs

- Engine performance improves when the airbox is removed

- engine won't idle at all, or idles too high

The bike was running fine, and then it started to bog and wouldn't run so I put in new plugs and it got me home and kept stalling until I cleaned/swapped plugs.

I'm not too sure what I can do to fix this? I've cleaned the air cleaner, cleaned the carbs, cleaned the plugs, did a compression check.

I've been told I need to get into the carb, and bottom out the main jet and back it off 1 1/4 turns, and then back the idle jet 1/8 of a turn?

By the way, the bike is a 1981 yamaha maxim xj650.


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