New york vacation

So im going to NY soon for vacation ill be in NY city and then to cooperstown for the baseball HOF. Are there any good shops worth stopping at for good deals?

Couple of "don't miss" when in NYC:

If you love burgers, check out "Chumley's". It is an old speakeasy that you literally have to know the address for since it hasn't changed much. Address is 86 Bedford Street, New York, NY. Phone (212) 675-4449.

I am also partial to a restaurant called Becco. It's on something like 47th st between 8th and 9th avenue.

If you have never been there, go to the Museum of Natural History. Some great stuff to see. Ground Zero is a must, just for the opportunity to renew your commitment to the US standing fast.

Broadway shows galore. Phantom of the Opera is awesome if you haven't seen. Plenty more playing. Check out tickets online beforehand.

Was just in the city this weekend. Plenty to do in the summer. Central Park was packed with people enjoying the weather. Lots of biking, rollerblading, etc.

good eats

Cippolina on 14th I think, ask to be seated in the Captains room, you sit in a small room (10 people fit) that is actually a captains quarters taken from a real ship.

Must see I would go with the Museum (relief from heat) and then the park. Maybe one of those tourist traps like heckly and jeckle (there are two but the one by central park south if best) for lunch, its good for kids.

Then again I am partial to a bar way down on Second Ave, DBA’s great place for beer tasting.

Just some thoughts

Cooperstown, lots of BASEBALL. If you have a chance seek out the parade and game in town great time to get autographs. We were there last wk. Brought the bikes up and rode everyday on some private land out of town, tried to ride Thunder ridge (45 min away) but couldnt time it right due to they open at 4pm on thurs.

Good eats, lots of tourist traps I would recommend Clooneys pub-its small but its where the locals go, they are on the side street by the acutual hall of fame. Again good for kids. Then there is a JR grill good for burgers on the Main st. But the ultimate was the brunch at the Golf Course located in town on the lake (sorry no name) just a great view and food, pricey

ok thanks for all the help and i love burgers so mite have to stop at some of these places

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